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When religion, however, on the strength of its own postulates, speaks to men of God and the moral order of the universe, when it utters its prophetic burden of justice and love and holiness and peace, then its voice is the voice of the eternal spiritual truth, irrefutable and invincible., What is the purpose of religion? Is the basis for salvation in creeds and dogmas or in experience. For them, the church, its creeds, its popes and bishops have recited the essence of religion and that is all there is to it.

On the other hand we say that each soul must make its own reconciliation to God; that no creed can take the place of that personal experience.

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Authors of article submissions which have qualified to enter the peer review process also qualify to be selected as reviewers for other articles currently in peer review.This value content is embodied in the life of Christ.So that Christian philosophy is first and foremost Christocentric.It needs beauty which is art, and faith and moral aspiration which are religion. What we are likely to know will always be little in comparison with what there is to know. Whan the scientist from his laboratory, on the basis of alleged scientific knowledge presumes to issue pronouncements on God, on the origin and destiny of life, and on man's place in the scheme of things he is [] out worthless checks. Religion is not validated by ideas, but by experience.It needs artistic and spiritual values along with the intellectual. But man has a wish-life which must build inverted pyramids upon the apexes of known facts. When the religionist delivers ultimatums to the scientist on the basis of certain cosomologies embedded in the sacred text then he is a sorry spectacle indeed. This automatically raises the question of salvation.It begins and ends with the assumption that Christ is the revelation of God.We might ask what are some of the specific values that Christianity seeks to conserve?First Christianity speaks of the value of the world.In its conception of the world, it is not negative; it stands over against the asceticisms, world denials, and world flights, for example, of the religions of India, and is world-affirming, life affirming, life creating.This religion of experience by which man is aware of God seeking him and saving him helps him to see the hands of God moving through history.Religion has to be interpreted for each age; stated in terms that that age can understand.


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