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Research Paper On Hurricane Katrina-21
Despite having weakened in magnitude and intensity, Katrina still packed enough power to lay havoc to an area of about 90,000 square miles.Massive flooding occurred on the Louisiana coast with 118 square miles of wetlands and drylands being converted into open water.The city lies below sea level and is unprotected from the coast and hence prone to flooding with city officials predicting that the historic French Quarter would come under 18 or 20 feet of water (Treaster & Zernike, 2005).

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Besides the physical damage to the city, the economic damages were just as severe.

Katrina is expected to have caused over $100 billion in monetary losses and $34 billion in insured losses.

95,000 jobs were lost during the first 10 months after the hurricane accounting for approximately $2.9 billion.

76% of this amount or $2.2 billion was related to the private sector (Dolfman, Wasser, & Bergman, 2007).

Many critics have also lamented the government’s failure to plan beforehand as well as the poor coordination efforts set in motion for emergency relief.

This paper explores the issue further and also details the meteorological conditions that led to the disaster as well as the disaster’s effects on the local people that Hurricane Katrina’s destruction could have been mitigated with proper planning.As earlier stated, Louisiana had the most deaths in the Gulf and this can be attributed to other factors such as poverty differences among racial and ethnic groups.67% of the New Orleans population at the time was comprised of African-Americans and still 25% of the population lived below the poverty line.Poverty was not the only issue at play as gender and social decline also prevailed.As an example, the most affected homes were those headed by single mothers.Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast on the morning of August 29, 2005, while packing 145-mile-an- hour winds as it landed (Treaster & Zernike, 2005).The hurricane left parts of the city below sea level and left over a million people homeless.According to 2003 estimates, about 150 million Americans reside in this area, making it the fourth most populated coastal region after the Northeast, the Pacific, and the Great Lakes Regions (Cutter & Gall, 2006).As of 2005, New Orleans had a population of half a million people, with 67% of these being African Americans.This sample paper on(Sample Research Paper on Hurricane Katrina) was uploaded by one our contributors and does not necessarily reflect how our professionals write our papers.If you would like this paper removed from our website, please contact us via our Contact Us Page.


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