Research Paper On Employee Satisfaction

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However, organizational commitment had no significant relationship towards turnover intention among the employees within the organization.

Originality/value: By reviewing the different finding that the Employee satisfaction and Turnover intention.

As for inferential statistics, Pearson Correlation Coefficient was used to measure the degree between independent variables with dependent variable in this research.

Conclusion: The research findings showed that for the independent variable of job satisfaction with the factors on satisfaction with pay and supervisory support had a low and negative significant relationship on employee turnover intention.

Various study and research had been done on turnover issues.

Job satisfaction, for an instance, could help to increase employee commitment and motivation. How to understand the employees’ perceptions of nature work; it could help to reduce the turnover rates in the organization?

In addition, not only it brings negative consequences towards the employees, a high rate of job turnover in an organization may impact its overall performance.

Therefore, in order to obtain a high productivity and performance, it is crucial for organization to gain employees support and contribution [1,2].

If the organization decides to recruit new employees to replace those who leave, and their feelings of dissatisfaction are not met too, this could affect the daily operation of the organization, and the vicious cycle of turnover rate will happen again. Below in the specific objectives used as reference in this study: 1.

In this study, to ensure that the employees in an organization are retained, the research focused on several factors that could influence the turnover intention among the employees, which include job satisfaction (satisfaction with pay, supervisory support), and organizational commitment. To highlight the main finding by performing statistical techniques and to govern the relationship for the factor. To understand that the process that why some employees leave the organizations when they are unsatisfied while other remain when are satisfied. To find out low morale of the employees and turnover and the organization.


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