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Simultaneously, it has challenged much of the received empirical wisdom about how labor markets adjust to trade shocks.

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These impacts are most visible in the local labor markets in which the industries exposed to foreign competition are concentrated.

Adjustment in local labor markets is remarkably slow, with wages and labor-force participation rates remaining depressed and unemployment rates remaining elevated for at least a full decade after the China trade shock commences. industries more exposed to import competition, as expected, but offsetting employment gains in other industries have yet to materialize.

Education in China: History of Chinese Education: The history of education in China can be traced back as far as the 16th century B.

C during the era of "Xia Dynasty" that is 1523-1027 B. As many scholars believe, education in China was the privilege of the elites throughout this period of time.

After research is completed, key findings are distilled in publications for a wide variety of audiences, including academics and public policy professionals.

21906 Issued in January 2016 NBER Program(s): International Trade and Investment, Labor Studies China’s emergence as a great economic power has induced an epochal shift in patterns of world trade.

All through Chinese history Confucianism is probably the biggest influence in the education of that country.

Confucianism employed the basic concept of the gentleman (Chun Tzu) and the peasant (common man or average citizen).

The eponymous bi-annual award was established in memory of a very influential economist in China, Dr.

Shan Pu, who was educated in the US (BA from Michigan, 1943; Ph D from Harvard, 1949).


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