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In the future, the researchers want to see how well their chimps in Japan perform at the game against humans, or against chimps in the United States.

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The children had little difficulty grasping the game, learning it within an average of five sessions, but how well they performed depended on age — the older the children were, the more accurate they were when presented with a random mix of all three pairs, the scientists found.

Different image resolutions, including 40.00μm/voxel, 4.00μm/voxel, 2.00μm/voxel, 1.00μm/voxel, and 0.50μm/voxel, are used to obtain the CT images of whole core samples and their corresponding subsamples. A multi-scale, image-based pore network modeling approach to simulate two-phase flow in heterogeneous rock.

For each resolution image of subsample, eight sub-volumes are selected to do the simulations. Paper presented at the International Symposium of the Society of Core Analysist held in St.

The apes sat in a booth housing a computer touch screen and were presented with two different options for hand signals used in rock-paper-scissors.

If they picked the stronger option, they were given a piece of apple and heard a chime; if they picked the weaker option, an error buzzer sounded, and they received nothing.


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