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In other words, bullying behavior actually disturbs the students learning ability.Student and teacher relationships are meaningful and there is emotional and relational connection between them [13]. [14] had found that this type of relationship has the ability to influence each other.And the second thing is that there is an intense need to know about the different bullying impact in public and private Universities in Pakistan because in previous studies bullying has to be found in schools and colleges and at the workplace, while on the other side bullying is also doing in the universities as well. Problem statement Bullying behavior phenomena has very detrimental effects on the victims.

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An increasing number of literatures have been found in case of student-teacher relationships [9,13,15].

The bullying behavior of the teacher has been found in terms of abuse of power that is very chronic situation for the students [16].

With the help of SPSS, linear regression analysis and independent two sample t-tests have been used and results indicated that TB and PB significantly affect the students’ BE.

In addition, there was a significant mean difference between Public and Private University students and the impact was high in Public universities as compared to Private.

Bullying is a social phenomenon that has seen across the world and the behavioral engagement refers to a large range of student behaviors.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of Teacher Bullying (TB) and Peer Bullying (PB) on student’s Behavioral Engagement (BE) and to make out the comparison between the public and private university students in Islamabad, Pakistan.Research studies have been done regarding the effects and consequences of student-teachers relationships on bullying. [17] found that there is long lasting impact of teacher behavior on the students’ academic involvement and success [18].The classroom environment is best option for the study of bullying behavior because this is important part of student’s life where a lot of time has been spent on networking with teachers and students [19,20].This harm can be seen in form of physical, verbal, psychological, mentally, social and educational harm [2].The aggressive behavior also denotes the bullying behavior that may be repeated on the victim.When the students are bullied from their teachers then this thing compels them to distract from their work.The bullying behavior of teacher influences the communication pattern between the students and the teachers.Resultantly, a communication gap exists between the teacher and the students due to bullying behavior of the teacher.Student disengagement due to bullying behavior has been little addressed in communication research.A quantitative approach and convenient sampling has been used in this study.Questionnaire was distributed among the 400 University students.


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