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The difference in the average mean scores of 1.024 and -0.25 for clients' and suppliers' preferred shipments means that it is significant.RESEARCH METHODS Assignmnet-1(Key) Dec 2012 ( DR K DHAMODHARAN, [email protected]) Final MBA Course of Vinayaka Missions University 1. Research is the process of a systematic and in-depth study or search of any particular topic,subject or area of investigation, involving collection, compilation, presentation andinterpretation of relevant details or data.With random assignment, participants have an equal chance of being assigned to an experimental or control group, resulting in a sample that is, in theory, representative of the population.

Today‟s emphasis in almost all fields of life is „creativity and innovation‟. Scientific attitude is one that asks „Why‟ and „How‟ and answers are found.

Any creative and innovative mind, is actually a research mind. This „Know - why‟ and „Know - how‟ attitude nurtures talents and such intellectual talents arethe great assets of society.3.

A dynamic world is not possible without newnessintroduced every now and then in every walk of life.

And this is possible only throughcreativity and innovation.

But you could still randomly assign this nonrandom sample to treatment versus control. Therefore it is most related to the external validity (or generalizability) of your results.

Or, you could randomly select 100 from your list of 1000 and then nonrandomly (haphazardly) assign them to treatment or control. In a typical nonequivalent groups design in education you might nonrandomly choose two 5th grade classes to be in your study. Then, you could arbitrarily assign one to get the new educational program and the other to be the control. After all, we would randomly sample so that our research participants better represent the larger group from which they're drawn. In fact, when we randomly assign participants to treatments we have, by definition, an experimental design.Therefore, random assignment is most related to internal validity.After all, we randomly assign in order to help assure that our treatment groups are similar to each other (i.e., equivalent) prior to the treatment.It is a careful search or inquiry into any subject matter,which is an endeavor to discover to find out valuable facts which would be useful for solvingproblems or improving existing solutions to problems.The research that involves scientificanalysis would result in the formulation of new theories, the discovery of new techniques,modification of old concepts or a knocking-off an existing theory, concept or technique.KWAME NKRUMAH UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY MSc. LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (1) MLSC 560: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY ASSIGNMENT STUDENT: Seth Acheampong. Let's say you drew a random sample of 100 clients from a population list of 1000 current clients of your organization. Now, let's say you randomly assign 50 of these clients to get some new additional treatment and the other 50 to be controls. (random selection or random assignment) but not the other in a study.For instance, if you do not randomly draw the 100 cases from your list of 1000 but instead just take the first 100 on the list, you do not have random selection.Research kindles the creativity and innovative instincts of peopleand thus experiments on the possibility of new things instead of waiting for the accidentaland slow experience path to creativity and innovation.4.Testing hypothesis and establishing theories: A very important/ purpose of research istesting of hypothesis and establishing theories. That knowledge comes from testing hypotheses and establishing new theories. Prediction and Control: Applied research has a great say in prediction and control-inalmost all walks of human endeavor Prediction is jumping into the future and the theoriesconstitute the launch pad.


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