Reflective Essay On Cultural Diversity

Reflective Essay On Cultural Diversity-16
Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.Being cultural competent is having the approach, awareness and ability to provide appropriate care to different populations, (Loftin et al., 2013).

He said that he was Orthodox Catholic, which again was another surprise for me.

He always bowed his head when I would approach him and I thought that this was because he was shy.

He told me that he had run away from his country and that he had left a wife and two sons behind him.

He said that he intended to find some work so that he could send money back to his family.

He said that he usually phones them once every month, which again was a surprise to me, and he started telling me the how his wife travels a long distance to go to the city so that he can talk to her.

Reflection Encouraging logical reflective thinking is stressed in studies emphasising the benefits of using nursing stories in the course of learning (Torsvik, Hedlund, 2008).

Growing up and travelling around made me aware of the different races that inhabit our world. I remember walking up to him a little cautiously as if he might jump on me.

In time I became used to seeing different coloured people, different races. I still remember that feeling of adrenaline rush that causes the fight-or-flight reaction after all these years. That was the first surprise that I had from this thin-looking dark-coloured man.

However in my child’s mind I always associated them with the good things, because although they were different they were of the same skin colour that I was and so it was no big deal if they stopped to talk to me or one of my friends.

My parents would not mind when they would stop to say hello or to offer us sweets.


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