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Because of its considerable delicate or tenuous material, atmospheric touches and subtleties of direction play a particularly important part. It is unlikely that Williams ever saw this parallel use of his term. Expressionism and all other unconventional techniques in drama have only one valid aim, and that is a closer approach to truth. (The essay refers to a series of dances, Balli Plastici [plastic dances], designed in 1918 by Fortunato Depero, a Futurist painter, sculptor, and designer.

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Roger Boxill simply states, for instance, “The ‘new plastic theatre’ must make full use of all the resources of the contemporary stage—language, action, scenery, music, costume, sound, lighting—and bind them into an artistic unity conceived by the playwright” and describes the cinematic aspects of Williams’s scripts (with referenceto George Brandt’s “Cinematic Structure in the Work of Tennessee Williams”).

Esther Merle Jackson is even less detailed: “[T]he plastic theatre of Williams is not confined to visual structures.

Grateful acknowledgment is also given to the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center of The University of Texas at Austin. It enlarges the visual horizon of the real world and leads things and objects of different species and origin towards a single center of irradiation.” The essay, however was originally written in Italian and, as far as the author has determined, was not translated and published in English until 1968: Gilberto Clavel, “Gilberto Clavel: Depero’s Plastic Theater,” , trans.

can be presented with unusual freedom of convention. Henning Rischbieter (Greenwich, CT: New York Graphic Society, 1968) 75.

He insisted that setting, properties, music, sound, and visual effects—all the elements of staging—must combine to reflect and enhance the action, theme, characters, and language.

(22) Others who mention plastic theatre in a similar vein, giving the concept import as the key to the poetic nature of Williams’s drama, are Matthew C. Everyone should know nowadays the unimportance of the photographic in art: that truth, life, or reality is an organic thing which the poetic imagination can represent or suggest, in essence, only through transformation, through changing into other forms than those which were merely present in appearance. Two such productions were in California: one at the Pasadena Playhouse (5 May-18 June 2000; directed by Andrew J. “Dramatic Workshop of the New School for Social Research: 1940, 1941.” [Program brochure and catalogue.] New York, 1939. These remarks are not meant as a preface only to this particular play. Robinson) and the other by the American Conservatory Theater at the Geary Theater in San Francisco (29 March-28 April 2002; directed by Laird Williamson). Indeed, Williams’s stage directions in the original script of called for decidedly plastic elements, including dozens of slide projections, film-like soundtrack music, and dissolving and fading lighting (none of which made it to the stage under Eddie Dowling’s direction). ¶2 The scholarship that has focused on Williams’s plastic theatre principally examines its practical implications. LOUISE: The pitcher of ice tea and the glasses for it are part of the composition. LOUISE: In painting there’s such a things as plastic space. In 1944, he became co-director (with Margo Jones), co-producer (with Louis J. German Composer Hanns Eisler was, among other collaborations, known for his work with Bertolt Brecht; his atonal music recalls that of his teacher, Arnold Schönberg. Previously unpublished material by Tennessee Williams printed by permission of the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee. Robert Edmond Jones, having studied and worked with Max Reinhardt in Europe, was a strong proponent of the New Stagecraft for the American theatre. [Edward Charles] Mabie as that of the formidable head of the speech and drama department at Iowa when Williams was a student there. All rights whatsoever are strictly reserved and all inquiries should be made to Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd., National House, 60-66 Wardour Street, London W1V4ND. Maria Ley, a dancer who choreographed for Reinhardt, was Piscator’s wife. The author has found an essay from 1919 that speaks of plastic theatre in the same sense that Williams uses the term, stating: “The Plastic Theater offers us the right to project onto one plane a multiplicity of means of artistic expression and to enclose them in a unity. Bray cites Williams’s own journal, in which the writer had described minimalist balletic movement for the actors (Bray ix; see also Leverich 446). In its simplest terms, then, a plastic theatre is a note.


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