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He leads the real estate training faculty for the Incremental Development Alliance, running training workshops for new small scale developers across the country.You can read more of his straight talk on development at his blog, RJOHNTHEBAD.Also, someone needs a good handle on business finance to guide the cash flow throughout the lifecycle of a project.

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A developer does not have to know everything, but they should have a good idea who to call or team up with before it is too late.

We are looking for people committed to building Strong Towns who are happy to work in one or more of the 7 skills sets.

Follow him on Twitter at @johnthebad and @incrementaldev.

Last week I wrote an article describing how to price and develop offers on land purchases.

A lot of them already have a fair amount of skill in one aspect or another of the built environment.

They have been a contractor, broker, planner, activist, architect, or property manager.With that said, this article will focus on the process of land development, risks and rewards, and a few things you’ll need to get started in the business of Residential Land Development.Land development is the process of preparing raw land for the construction of improvements.They will evolve their skill sets to become a small developer themselves or be the mentors or colleagues to encourage those on the path.John Anderson is a developer and consultant as Principal at Anderson|Kim.There are two key groups who make the construction or renovation of a building happen: skilled tradesmen and project managers.Leveraging the knowledge and work effort of the electricians, plumbers, welders, carpenters, roofers and installers is either a general contractor or construction manager.Real estate agents and brokers handle many of the steps to attracting tenants or buyers and prepare the appropriate paperwork to ensure qualified applicants.If the developer is retaining ownership of the property, someone must answer the calls to unplug toilets and plan for big replacements like water heaters and roofs. There are many details to keep track of and people to communicate with to make a real estate project move forward.Equally as important as the written word is knowing the people who administer the processes involved in obtaining approvals.Money and contracts, the heart of any real estate project.


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