Rats Problem Solving

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Our process ensures that your rodent control program is right for your business.

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It’s ideal for use in food processing and manufacturing plants, as well as in and around apartment blocks, hospitals, schools, government properties and many other areas.

Rodents problems in your business are a surefire way to limit production, lose money and turn away clients.

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Both species of rats can enter your home through a hole the size of a quarter. Mice can sneak into your home through a hole about the size of a dime.

Homeowners must be diligent to keep these rats out! Once inside your home, mice are very adept at finding quiet spaces to call home.Numerical cognition is a subdiscipline of cognitive science that studies the cognitive, developmental and neural bases of numbers and mathematics. If they can find a way into your home…they could become your stealthy roommates.See your service agreement for more details on our Pest Free Pledge and service warranties. Evans - Beltsville, MD “ Everyone at this company is wonderful to work with - whether it’s customer service, billing, technicians and even the web team! There is a flaw at the heart of the term minimum viable product. Mayor john tory has described men responsible for a playground shooting as. Anticimex SMART technology is engineered to monitor, trap, and prevent rodent outbreaks in all types of organizations.Using electronic traps, digital sensors and cameras we can determine how, when, and where rodents are a problem in your business and eliminate them with minimal or no use of pesticides.There are right and wrong ways to get rid of rats and mice which we will discuss here.Typically in the Bay Area we are dealing with two different species of rats and one species of mouse: the roof rat, the norway rat and the house mouse.Roof rats are climbers and prefer to nest above ground in places like attics and trees.It isn’t uncommon however to find the roof rat nesting in a sub area.


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