Qut Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award

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This thesis reports a new remediation approach for the removal of toxic and high priority water pollutants based on the use of modified clays.

Exploring the Impact of Immigration on Neighbourhood Violence.

Women’s Careers in the Australian Architecture Profession.

Judy is Research Chair for ACORN QLD and was Review Lead for the new ACORN Standard for the Prevention of Hypothermia in the Perioperative Environment.

Doctor Farhad Salimi is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Menzies Research Institute, University of Tasmania, Australia.

Exploiting redundancy of the genetic code for site-selective unnatural amino acids incorporation in vitro.

Applicants whose candidature has been terminated by the outstandiing must also submit a written statement that demonstrates the applicant’s readiness to return to their research course.

Farhad is currently involved in an international project, which is aimed at understanding the health effects of bushfire smoke.

This collaborative project involve partnership between several universities and partner agencies in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, British Columbia (Candana), and Gothenburg (Sweden).


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