Quotations On Essay Dignity Of Labour

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Jesus speaks a lot about work, while much of this is in parables, we shouldn’t restrict interpretations of these parables to be only spiritual ones.

Jesus spent most of the years of his life learning the trade of carpentry and we shouldn’t forget this when we hear him lament about the servant who hides his talent in the ground.

There is no disgrace in helping a teacher to carry books, or lifting a load for a labourer or helping a blind man cross the road, or playing with a weeping child to keep him in good humour.

No work is inferior and so no person, who himself does any work, is to be looked down upon.

Dignity in work also touches upon work life balance, in some places cultures where people are expected to give more and more to their employers to the determent of other spheres of our lives.

The keystone of this is the importance of the Sabbath, but the principle extends to other areas of our lives and has implications for how we use our own time and how we mange the work of others in our employment.

Read more about Dignity in Work here The condition of the workers is the question of the hour.

It will be answered one way or another, rationally or irrationally, and which way it goes is of the greatest importance to the state.

Work must be undertaken responsibly and labour treated well, this includes how we approach the work we do, what it is we do with our work and how employers treat their employees.

A strong theme in Catholic Social Thought is support for trade unions and state measures to ensure concrete safeguards in place like living wages and holiday leave.


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