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We recommend that you review the courses on offer and discuss your training requirements with your supervisor.We strongly recommend that you avail of the training and continue to develop your skills as you progress through the remainder of the CDT programme.1.3 Students must comply with the University’s training requirements, the training requirements of their funding body and with any compulsory or recommended training requirements in place in their School.

2.2 Students must register at the start of research and at the beginning of every subsequent academic year.

Registration in the second and subsequent years shall be subject to satisfactory progress reports (see 6.5).

This may be an option to also submit your thesis for format review if your thesis is too large to be sent by e-mail.

Microsoft One Drive for Business (OD4B) is now available to all Queen's students, faculty and staff.

Thesis Submission CDT research projects are designed to allow for the submission of the thesis at the end of the funded period.

To this end, you should manage your research and work closely with your supervisory team to continually review and adjust plans accordingly in order to achieve this.

However, there are a couple of templates that have been designed to assist students in formatting their theses according to the Thesis Formatting and Preparation guidelines.

Please note – Queen’s has a new policy on copyright.

All graduate theses or dissertations MUST conform to the minimum style and form requirements as detailed in the General Forms of Theses (99 KB). The School of Graduate Studies acknowledges that students write using a variety of word processors and editors.

For this reason, SGS does not stipulate the use any particular authoring format in the creation of theses and dissertations.


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