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The bride's father however, was adamant that Jinnah should stay for the customary period of one and a half month after marriage.The two families, newly bonded in marriage, were about to break into a quarrel until the intervention of young Jinnah.

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He specifically chose to join Lincoln's Inn because he noticed the name of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) heading the list of the great-est law-givers of the world on a plaque at its main entrance.

Jinnah's father Jinnahbhai Poonja (born 1850) was the youngest of three sons.

The Wazir Mansion has since been rebuilt and made into a national monument and museum owing to the fact that the founder of the nation, and one of the greatest leaders of all times was born within its walls.

On December 25, 1876, Mithibai gave birth to a son, the first of seven children.

By the early 1880s' Jinnahbhai Poonja's trade business had prospered greatly.

He handled all sorts of goods: cotton, wool, hides, oil-seeds, and grain for export and Manchester manufactured piece of goods, metals, refined sugar imports into the busy port.

For her, the separation for six months while her dear son had been in Bombay was testing, she said that she could not bear this long never ending stretch of two to three years.

Maybe the intuition told her that separation would be permanent for her and that she would never see her son again.

The fragile infant who appeared so weak that it weighed a few pounds less than normal.

But Mithibai was unusually fond of her little boy, insisting he would grow up to be an achiever.


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