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This measure easily proves that there must be an issue, otherwise why the customers are complaining.

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The measurement goal for it could be "No more complaint about using the email address as the user name should be received." Step 4: Cause(s) - AS IS Once the problem has been identified and current and goal measures have been determined, it's time to go to the left side of the Pyramid.

Step 4 identifies the way things are now which causes the undesirable results we are getting. The problem won’t be solved, unless we find out the causes of the problem.

The value or benefit will be achieved because of the difference between the current and goal measures.

Once the problem has been solved, the solution has been delivered and the goal measures have been achieved, you can claim that the value has been delivered.

The measurement proves that the problem really exists.

However, if the measurement shows that "My income is 00 and my living cost is 0", the problem is not a real problem or the real problem hasn't been captured.It defines the thing that will provide value when it's solved.For example, "I am out of the budget to cover my living cost" or "The user cannot enter the email address as a user name", both are samples of a problem in a particular context.Achieving the gaol measures provides benefit or value.It is important to note that if the gold cannot be defined in measurable terms, I really have no reliable way to prove whether the problem has been resolved or not?", "If it really is, why” or “Why it’s really not a problem? The business analyst has to be capable of responding to these questions throughout the project lifetime and in case of finding and understanding the right problem, they have to find a solution for that.Problem Pyramid proposes a six step process to logically identify the real problem and the real requirements which when satisfied, reasonably will lead to providing value by reducing or eliminating the problem. The figure below shows the steps of problem pyramid. Step 1: Identify the Problem The problem sits at the peak of the pyramid.A reason that people get confused about a problem is that they're not accustomed to applying measures.Let's take the first examples mentioned before: "I'm out of budget to cover my life".There should be a measurement to show me that it is really a problem for end users.For example, around a dozen of complaints have been received from customers’ side that they wanted to use their email address as the user name, but they couldn't.


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