Punishment At School Essay

The North Fork School District in Utica, Ohio, approved a paddle last year that is four inches wide and eighteen inches long.Only twenty-one states have bans on corporal punishmen.

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The teachers should not have to put up with disruption, nor should the students, who come to school to learn.

Many southern schools are realizing how helpful paddling or corporal punishment may be.

Punishments in schools today need some change, some form of improvement.

Punishments are supposed to be feared and effective.

Corporal punishment is a form of discipline used only for students who hard to control.

It takes many forms, including choking, shaking, disrobement, excessive exercise, and confinement in an uncomfortable space.

If these rules were not followed, you'd be whipped, and spanked by your teachers and, on top of that, your parents.

"Another form of punishment would be to have the student stand on one foot holding two heavy rocks or books on each hand for as much as two hours," she explained.

If kids behaved the way they should, then corporal punishment would not be an issue.

With a parent's permission, a student facing detention or suspension can choose paddling instead.


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