Pueblo Revolt Of 1680 Essay

He falls under the categorywhere there is a belief that Pueblos and Spaniards had a mutual beneficial relationship.The main characters of the Pueblo Revolt are the Indians, the Spaniards and the Franciscans.Time and setting are the most important definitions of a person’s life. If a person lives in a city, on a farm, in the religious edifice to house our Patroness.

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The causes of the 1763 rebellion/revolt in Berbice resulted from harsh treatment.

For example they had to work long hours on plantations and the masters did not care about the manner in which he was treating the slaves but of making a profit; the slaves also has a great passion to get their freedom because some of them knew what freedom felt controlled by a wealthy elite, as explained by Mike Lofgren in his article "Revolt of the Rich".

' This question is not a very difficult one to answer right of the bat, the first thing that comes to mind is that the Pueblo Indians were suffering suppression from the Spaniards, they must have been treated bad and thus they revolted against the upper class.

However, the answer to this question is not that simple, it has a very complex answer that even today it is not yet clear.

After doing some of the readings by different authors the answer to this question is still in the air.

However the idea of the cause is clearer now than before the readings.

Garner argues that this is not true; he tells the reader that the Franciscans were tolerable to the Indians.

The Franciscans knew that the Indians, for generations, had totally different beliefs to the ones Christians have.

They understood that it would take time and patience to convert... Also what caused the Pueblo Revolt, who was involved and what was the outcome of the Revolt are among the most important aspects of these great battles.

Around the mid 1500’s the Pueblo Natives had around 110 separate pueblos flourishing in the region.


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