Psychological Disorder Research Paper

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Psychological Disorder Research Paper Teacher Cover Letter For Resume

An example is a person classified or labeled as humble when in reality is an arrogant individual. This essay on Psychological disorder was written and submitted by user Azaria A. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. An explicit example of a dysfunctional behavior is a student who does not respond to questions in a classroom environment.Such a student is against the normal participatory learning evident in class.However, DSM-IV-TR has been criticized for including many behaviors on the range of analysis.To add on this, as the number of disorder categories increase, many adults are seen to fit in.This finding prompted further scientific research to unearth the reasons behind vast mental disorder.The research also aimed at discovering probable treatment for mental disorder. It operates by running a diagnosis based on symptoms.An example of a deviant behavior is a person who has decided to go on a shooting spree.This is an abnormal behavior but to qualify it as a psychological disorder, then it must cause distress to the person in question or those in the vicinity.An observable disorder occurring world wide is depression and schizophrenia which are characterized by illogical behavior. All factors considered, we can conclude that biopsychosocial stand requires an in-depth understanding not only of genetic make up but also of community, culture, physiology, and inner psychology of a person.The aim of DSM-IV-TR is to describe a disorder and make a rough approximation of the number of times they transpire.


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