Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment Essay

On the other hand, the presence of resistance (e.g., an excessively long pause) often provides a strong clue that the client is getting close to some important repressed idea in his or her thinking, and that further probing by the therapist is called for.Freud reported that his free associating patients occasionally experienced such an emotionally intense and vivid memory that they almost relived the experience.

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This rests on the assumption that the current maladaptive perspective is tied to deep-seated personality factors.

Global therapies stand in contrast to approaches which focus mainly on a reduction of symptoms, such as cognitive and behavioral approaches, so-called problem-based therapies.

So when this fixation occurs at this psychosexual development and stages, conflicts can occur that have lifelong effects. Let's go into the first structure of our mind. So the id is located down here in this compartment. And it's part of our conscious and our unconscious mind. We'll see why that's the case in a little bit. So our libidinal impulses, right here, are what want to be gratified. Now, remember I said earlier that the ego is part of the conscious and the unconscious minds.

So fixation at a particular stage is what predicts adult personality according to this theory. The unconscious is a lot larger than the conscious. And it's the unconscious part of our mind that makes up most of the mind. And it develops right after birth, and demands immediate gratification. But the ego is involved in our perceptions, thoughts, and judgments. And when they are either over-gratified or not gratified at all or partially gratified, fixation occurs at a psychosexual stage, and we face either conflict or anxiety. And it's really, really upset, because it's demanding gratification and it isn't immediately getting it. So it basically acts as a mediator between the unconscious desires of the id and the moral demands of the superego. That's actually an example of a mental conflict.

As a result, we need to distinguish between the manifest content and the latent content of a dream. Psychoanalysis (along with Rogerian humanistic counseling) is an example of a global therapy (Comer, 1995, p.

143) which has the aim of helping clients to bring about a major change in their whole perspective on life.This is like a "flashback" from a war or a rape experience.Such a stressful memory, so real it feels like it is happening again, is called an abreaction.It is hoped that fragments of repressed memories will emerge in the course of free association.Free association may not prove useful if the client shows resistance, and is reluctant to say what he or she is thinking.For example, someone fixated at the oral stage, which is actually the first stage in psychosexual development, might have oral personality characteristics like being overly talkative or having a smoking habit when they grow up. So Freud breaks down those mental structures that I was talking about into three parts. So let's break this down into two parts first. You know that saying, it's only the tip of the iceberg that we see? And it seeks long-term gratification as opposed to the id's immediate gratification. Now, what I mean by "conflict" is not this whole battle or drama that plays out. And this is us, looking-- we're in little bit of a conflict. So for example, a financially stressed patient tells his doctor, oh, doctor, please don't give me any bills.The top of the iceberg, which is shown up here, above the surface of the water, is the conscious part of our mind. And if that's the conscious, what do you think this bottom is? In the third compartment, right over here, I'm going to try to fit it in, is the superego. But it's a conflict between these three mental structures of our mind, the ego, the superego, and the id. Well, what he really meant to say was, please don't give me any pills.For example, a nutritionist giving a lecture intended to say we should always demand the best in bread, but instead said bed.Another example is where a person may call a friend's new partner by the name of a previous one, whom we liked better.So libido is natural energy source that fuels the mechanisms of the mind. So the ego, right over here, is trying to gratify the id, but it also has to take into account what the superego is saying.And when this libidinal energy is stuck or fixated at various stages of psychosexual development-- there's another keyword. So let's go back to these psychosexual stages I was talking about. And it's preaching to the id about what's moral. The superego is moral oversight, which represents the values of society.


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