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First, you’ll set up your document and create your header. If you’re using sources, you’ll also want to properly format your references.She received numerous research and writing awards for her scholarship. Carrie Adkins, Ph D in History, tells us: "MLA is probably the default essay style in most high schools.

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Don't let the opportunity to differentiate yourself from other applicants pass you by.

Some business schools put strict requirements on the length of MBA application essays.

If possible try to create a uniform size for the paragraphs.

For example, you don't want to start with a three-sentence introductory paragraph and then follow up with an eight-sentence paragraph, a two sentence paragraph and then a four-sentence paragraph.

A no-frills font like Arial or Calibri is usually your best option.

Each paragraph should be about three to seven sentences long.She earned her Ph D in American History from the University of Oregon in 2013.She received numerous research and writing awards for her scholarship.Many of the applicants who apply to business school are qualified MBA candidates—they have the grades, the test scores, and the work experience needed to contribute to and succeed in an MBA program.Admissions committees need something beyond a GPA or test scores to differentiate applicants and determine who is a good fit for the program and who is not. Your MBA essay tells the admissions committee who you are and helps to set you apart from other applicants.If you are supposed to write a one-page essay, don't turn in a two-page essay or an essay that is only a half-page long. If there is not a stated word count or page count requirement, you have a little more flexibility when it comes to length, but you should still limit the length of your essay.Short essays are typically better than a long essay. If you can't say everything you want to say in a short essay, you should at least stay below three pages.In college and beyond, MLA is still the safest bet for English and many other humanities; Chicago Style is most common for business, history, and fine arts; and APA is typical for education, psychology, and some sciences.The term MBA essay is often used interchangeably with MBA application essay or MBA admissions essay.A one-inch margin on each side and on the top and bottom is typically good practice.Using a font that is easy to read is also important.


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