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This power first binds Prometheus to a crag and finally envelops him in a cataclysm. Prometheus Bound serves as an allegory radiant in theme.Zeus rules by right of conquest, and Prometheus resists by right of moral superiority.

Epimetheus later married her, even though Prometheus had told him not to do so or warned him.Prometheus Prometheus, the Titan of Greek mythology, was considered to be the most important Titan ever in all the myths.He helped the human race tremendously in his efforts to sustain an easier lifestyle.On one side is Zeus, who is omnipotent in this world, while on the other is Prometheus, who has divine intelligence.Neither will give an inch, for each feels he is perfectly justified. Because this is the only surviving play of the Aeschylean trilogy on Prometheus, it is also not known whether it was intended to be the first or second in the trilogy, though it is known that it was to be followed by is the one extant play by Aeschylus to deal directly with a metaphysical problem by means of supernatural characters, yet even the questions raised in the work remain unresolved. The situation of the play is static: Prometheus is fastened to a Scythian crag for having enabled humankind to live when Zeus was intending to destroy the ephemeral humans.Once Hephaestus wedges and binds him down, Prometheus is immobile.For example, address the role of procrastination in his first conversations with the Chorus and Io, his reticence when meeting Oceanus, or the very gradual revelation of his prophecy.Prometheus clearly demonstrates excessive pride, which is usually condemned in Greek tragedy.This can be seen through many events in his life including a particular myth that the reader will acknowledge in this research paper.Prometheus' birth has two sides of stories behind the Later, Prometheus took it back or stole it from Zeus and brought it to Earth for man again.


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