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There are some good and bad memories I am going to share one of my good memories with you.It was in the summer of 2008 in June I remember everybody at school was going crazy about prom and I hear how nice it is, I wanted to go and see for myself.

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Jesus was feeling a lot of pressure to ask a girl to be his date for the prom. Young women, like Lexi, however, had to make sure that whatever dress they wore would be unique.

I checked my flight once more before I go to bed and I noticed instead of my flight saying a. That makes me feel a little better but it still makes me feel like I’m walking on egg shells because I don’t know what to expect. and sit up in my bed trying to blink through the darkness of my room.

I force myself to sleep because in a matter of hours I will see my boyfriend, get ready for prom, and have the night of my life. As of right now I am having mixed emotions, I am excited, anxious, and nervous at the same time.

Callie noticed that her son Jesus, a high school senior, was acting very strangely.

He seemed to be hoarding his allowance and having many whispery conversations with his friends.


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