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It also represents the projected reality (Martin & Tate 2001, p. Available literature demonstrates that a project schedule is a fundamental constituent of any project management activity, issues of size or scope of the project notwithstanding.An accurate assessment or estimation of the resources and durations needed to complete particular tasks should be an issue of imperative concern for project managers and other stakeholders in the team.

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The way that all these personnel are assigned their duties is critical to the success of any IT-related project (Schwalbe, 2010).

According to Lock (2007), personnel should be assigned to project activities based on their availability, level of skill and training, and an open mind to learn more.

Second, the project leader, in collaboration with the project sponsor and other team members, may engage in resource re-allocation to make sure that extra resources are availed to project areas that might have fallen behind schedule.

Third, the project members might engage in multitasking, which basically entails working on multiple project activities for a specific amount of time to permit for more than one activity to be completed (Lock, 2007).

Indeed, as noted by Kerzner (2001), a project schedule not only directs the project stakeholders on when each activity should be done, but it reveals what has already been achieved, whether certain activities are late in terms of delivery, and the sequence in which project activities need to be completed.

It is against this background that the present paper seeks to respond to a few issues related to project scheduling, primarily the identification of activities needed to estimate resources and durations, identification and discussion of some of the milestones that may be contained in a project, and, lastly, the provision of a summary of how human resources should be assigned to each project activity to guard against lateness or perceived schedule slips.

Other strategies that may be used include increasing dedicated time, project schedule compression, and fast-tracking of activities (Schwalbe, 2010).

The above analysis demonstrates the complexities involved in project management, particularly in making estimations for resources and time durations.

In management, obtaining the knowledge with the leading edge helps in increasing the experience.

The courses of project management help in educating the success with the overall professional performance.


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