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Take the time now to plan your school year and break it up into bite size chunks. EVERY week for standardized tests so when they come around you aren’t caught short and unprepared. We thought we’d check in with our senior staff regarding their top tips on how they power through bouts of procrastination.Pick a song to get you fired up at p.m., tuck away a favorite treat to eat after the hour is up, book a tutor for once a month during that time, put it on your calendar for the entire year. Mimi says: “If I need to switch gears and really dig into a new project with a time line and want to clear the decks I brush my teeth.(This is also why our mind gets stuck in a loop thinking about all the things we haven’t yet completed.) Remember: Small action is still action.

The Five Minute Miracle involves asking yourself; “Hmm, what action can I take in less than five minutes TODAY that moves this forward even the tiniest bit?

” Once you’ve identified a small action, set a timer for five minutes and spend five minutes working on the task.

Twenty percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators.” These people view procrastination as the result of their exra curricular activities that, as mentioned earlier, distract them from completing their college duties.

However, some of them also indicated that they tend to procrastinate simply because they wish to have more time to sleep (Lenker, Caitlin and Mac Andrew, Dan “The Procrastination Epidemic: An Investigative Report”).

But that is not to say that professors ignore these problems when it arises in their class. Joseph Ferrari, associate professor of psychology at De Paul University in Chicago and Dr.

Timothy Pychyl, associate professor of psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, (Lenker, Caitlin & Mac Andrew, Dan “The Procrastination Epidemic: An Investigative Report”) report that; “...So long as I get through a few pieces of the project each day, I can get everything completed on time.” Kristen says: “I handwrite a list sorted by category and ensure one of the categories is called “Most Important” and another is called “Undesirables.” The former are those I tackle first, and the latter are those where they are smaller tasks that maybe are not at the forefront of my thinking, but still need to get done.” We’d love to hear from you!What are your top tips for ‘taking the bull by the horns’ and overcoming procrastination?Known in the psychological community as the “avoidant coping styles”, 374 undergraduate students explained that their tendency to neglect school work causes them anxiety that they refuse to deal with. These avoidant lifestyles then translate into late term papers and other class requirements.Although not a trivial problem, it is not considered a very serious problem in most circles.Take action now, no matter what grade you are in, as by the time you reach fall of your senior year you will wish you had not put off things like Subject Tests, ACT/SAT prep, impressing teachers with your innovative and out of the box thinking, or civic activism.Our private counseling students have met with us this fall to review their action items, standardized testing plan, high impact activities, contests to pursue, etc.Leave your thoughts in the ‘Comments’ section below to get the idea-sharing started!This paper will take a look into the non-technological reasons that college students often fall prey to and cause them to procrastinate.The school year has begun and if there’s one topic we urge every student to address head on, it’s PROCRASTINATION.In the many years we have worked with high school students we have yet to see a new piece of software, fancy i Phone app, or novel remote device that helps with the fine art of putting off what needs to be done.


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