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When a learner in my classroom would “tell” on another student, I would usually ask, “What did (s)he say when you asked him/her to stop?” If I got the blank stare, I knew the learner had skipped step #1.Watch Early Learning SEL in Action“The concepts are presented in age-appropriate puppet scripts, and the songs are easy to memorize.

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A few months ago, I shared a simple problem solving chart for kids.

While this chart works well at home, it might not be large enough for a classroom wall, so I created some social problem solving posters that are larger and clearer to see from across the room.

Posters like these plus MANY more can be found in our Social Emotional Learning Visuals Pack. **The free download can be found towards the end of this post. The idea behind these social problem solving posters is to You can read more about how to use and teach these problem solving steps in my coping strategies post, but the idea is to start with #1: Say, “Please stop _______,” naming the specific behavior.

If step #1 doesn’t help, there are a few other steps the child can use, like ignore the behavior, walk away, or get help from a grown-up.

Second Step SEL Early Learning includes a variety of activities that help your students learn social-emotional skills.

Watch this series of seven videos to see examples of the activities.The aim of the posters is to engage students in problem solving and extend the mathematical ideas and approaches they encounter at GCSE. The areas required are combinations of triangles and semi-circles.Solution to problem 1 Problem 2 Hint: Assume the ball is dropped from a specified height, say of 1 metre. Solution to problem 2 Problem 3 Hint: Numbers with lots of factors need most connections.It is recommended that you print each on different-colored paper, so that students can easily identify the individual categories.Exemplars is a wonderful tool for differentiating mathematics and reaching the needs of a variety of students Pre K-12.In diagnostic teaching, teachers focus thoughtfully on what students do and do not understand and then adjust accordingly.Mathematics lessons from typical textbooks often are not designed so that the thinking of the students is surfaced and open for teacher analysis in real time.Of course, there are exceptions to these steps, like being punched by another student.But for the most part, these steps are a great way to help equip young learners with life-long skills. You can also view primary and secondary posters separately, or download this zip file containing all our posters.The FMSP Central Team has chosen six mathematical problems to display as posters.


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