Problem Solving Maths Ks1

Problem Solving Maths Ks1-54
If you want to take your pupils off auto-pilot and develop a thinking classroom, this is the resource for you!

If you want to take your pupils off auto-pilot and develop a thinking classroom, this is the resource for you!This section of the nzmaths website has problem-solving lessons that you can use in your maths programme.

Although the word problems they come across in the SATs will test them on these facts, your child may not immediately realise that this is what is being asked of them.

This is why it is again really important that they use diagrams to help themselves get their answer.

We use Mathematical Vocabulary when planning to help determine the appropriate terminology to use in our teaching and children are expected to use it in their verbal and written explanations (see calculation policy).

Here are some recommended links to use to support learning KS1 we enter the final term, the children at Hill Top are moving their Numeracy skills forward and engaging in even more problem solving than ever before!

We want to provide children with the opportunity to apply their mathematical understanding in a variety of contexts., as well as be able to articulate the strategies they are using to solve problems.

At Hill Top Academy we recognise the importance of establishing a secure foundation in mental calculation and recall of number facts before standard written methods are introduced.

The key to solving these problems is to understand what is being asked, what operation needs to be used and what method is best to use.

Problems in KS1 SATs might involve money, measures and time intervals.

For example, children might come across a problem like this one: They might choose to solve this by working out 80 - 50, in which case, they might want to draw 8 circles, each representing 10, and then cross off 5 of them: Alternatively, they might want to draw a number line and write 50p on the left hand side, then jump in tens until they get to 80p.

When practising word problems it is really important to allow your child to draw diagrams and pictures as much as possible.


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