Problem Solving In Trigonometry

If you need any other stuff in math, please use our google custom search here.This tutorial offers advice on how to solve trigonometric problems and provides several problems worked through in detail. If an explanation / walkthrough is not clear, please let me know in a comment and I will try to improve the answer.

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We know that similar triangles have the same shape and the same angles.

(We omit the "inner circle" of the tire for clarity.) We can use the basic facts of angles to redraw this situation in a more familiar form.

Now, we want to find the height of the mark above the ground.

The triangle is displayed in a familiar way and we can easily calculate the trigonometric relations for α (remember sinα is shorthand for “ – the left hand side and right hand side are not the same, so the triangle is not a right angle triangle Using trigonometric functions, we can determine the angles α and β and then check that all the angles sum up to 180°: Potiphar’s out walking his cat. He also notices that a tree in the garden casts a shadow 7 m long. Potiphar and his shadow form a right angle triangle.

The tree and its shadow form another right angle triangle.


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