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We also capture differences here – in this case, smoking is the single most preventable cause of death.

Several pieces of information may need to be captured when specifying a location in any root cause analysis, but at minimum the geographic location and the process occurring must be specified in order to keep the parameters of the investigation well defined.

For the purposes of this particular root cause analysis in which smoking is the issue, we take the organization to be the United States. Safety, the environment, productivity, and financial health/solvency are important to any country; in this section, we see how they are affected by smoking.

A country’s safety goal includes having a healthy population.

Annual productivity losses due to smoking are estimated to be at $97.6 billion (billion! Once the problem has been defined and broken down into its constituent elements, we move into the analysis phase of root cause analysis.

Here, the incident is broken down into causes, which are then captured on the Cause Map.

While the public has grown more aware of the dangers of smoking over the years and some progress has been made in lowering the number of smokers nationwide, smoking remains a major public health issue in the United States that often seems intractable.

Everybody is affected by smoking, we all know smokers who have struggled with quitting, and most everyone would agree that smoking is a problem.

Download the PDF Most people who use them wish they could stop, nobody needs them, and nonetheless smokers will purchase their cigarettes with a loyalty and regularity that most other brands could only dream of cultivating in their customer base.

According to the CDC, smoking causes an estimated 443,000 premature deaths and costs the United States nearly 0 billion dollars (divided roughly evenly between lost labor costs and health care expenditures) per year; another 8.6 million live with a serious illness caused by smoking.


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