Problem Solving Art

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In doing so, they will have driven forward the thinking.

In philosophy, this can take years, decades, centuries or longer and still arrive at no definitive answer.

Anyone working as a creative who works for themselves and initiates their own projects, which I imagine is most of you, can be thought of as such.

One thing that entrepreneurs have in common in their quest for gaining traction, attracting customers, buyers and fans, is that in order to do so, they need to solve problems for people. Making money, if this is your intention, requires solving the problems of other people who pay you for this privilege.

This forces the thinking to become as wide as possible before contracting back to a manageable subset.

Problem Solving Art

Even if the word itself is a little trite, the basic meaning behind it is solid enough for the purpose of this conversation.It’s important to know what they are if we are to know how to ‘solve’ or ‘minimise’ them through providing well-defined products, creations and services.I can’t claim to know what everyone’s problems are, but I can have a guess at some of the thoughts your potential customers or clients may be in an age where innovation and thought leadership are prized, but we are never explicitly taught how to solve problems to support innovation and thought leadership.We are taught narrow methods of problem-solving and left to pick up the rest.Two of my previous articles have discussed topics from a philosophical standpoint: What to ask Elon Musk about AI. This is relevant because philosophy as a discipline offers a framework for problem-solving.In philosophy, observation informs intuition that is expressed as statements that have a logic (or argument) to them.These thoughts point directly to the problem being felt…“”Boredom, like so many of the other forms of emotions we’ll come across in this article, is difficult to define, but is commonly rooted to not being engaged or lacking stimulation.What aspect of your products and services can take someone from ‘boredom’ to feeling engaged? For a start it involves thinking and thinking for problem-solving in itself can be hard.Wrap it up in the context of a complex problem with many inputs, many moving parts and many critics the difficulty level goes up exponentially.


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