Problem Solving Algorithm

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The thing that measures the difficulty of an algorithm is called complexity.

When we ask how complex an algorithm is, often we want to know how long it will take a computer to solve the problem we want it to solve.

When we look at algorithms as a way of solving problems, often we want to know how long it would take a computer to solve the problem using a particular algorithm.

When we write algorithms, we like our algorithm to take the least amount of time so that we can solve our problem as quickly as possible.

In cooking, some recipes are more difficult to do than others, because they take more time to finish or have more things to keep track of.

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It is the same for algorithms, and algorithms are better when they are easier for the computer to do.

Algorithmic problem solving is a great starting point for students beginning their computer science and engineering studies.

While students may have been exposed to problem solving techniques during their middle and high school, they would gain a new perspective by focusing on algorithmic aspects.

I occasionally overlook how important it is to define and bound a problem and think about it in abstract terms before attempting to construct a solution.

In fact, I try to instil this problem-solving ability in my students when I teach introductory programming, as they all rush head-first into writing code before actually thinking about the problem they are trying to solve.


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