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There is no agreement on the precise meaning of these terms.

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There were several court cases and court decisions that affected the development of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide in individual countries.

The Netherlands is the only country where euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide are openly practised since the physician performing these acts will not be prosecuted under certain circumstances.

Active euthanasia refers to euthanasia as a result of someone performing an act such as injection of a lethal drug, whereas passive euthanasia means euthanasia resulting from the omission of an act.

Conventionally, active euthanasia was different from passive euthanasia in that the latter was to withhold or withdraw treatment, while the former was active killing.

This article discusses the issues of euthanasia, other related issues and the situations in The Netherlands and other parts of the world. It is not just a medical ethical problem, it also has philosophical, legal, religious and political dimensions.

Discussions on this topic are complicated further by misunderstanding and confusion of the terminology.

Throughout the world, the Northern Territory of Australia was the first place that physician-assisted suicide had ever been legal until the Rights of the Terminally Ill Bill was overturned in 1997.

Withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining treatment simply means that the physician forgoes the life-sustaining treatment for a terminally ill patient taking into account the patient's benefit, the wishes of the patient and family, and the futility of treatment. However, what kind of treatment will be considered to be medically futile? There is no agreement on the definition of medical futility.

However, a famous philosopher, James Rachels, argued that “active euthanasia is not any worse than passive euthanasia”.

His argument is that since the outcome is the same and both acts lead to a patient's death, there is no difference between active and passive euthanasia in terms of the moral aspect.


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