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A single-point rubric for breakfast in bed would look like this: Notice that the language in the “Criteria” column is exactly the same as the “3” column in the analytic rubric.When your loved ones receive this rubric, it will include your written comments on one or both sides of each category, telling them exactly how they fell short (“runny eggs,” for example) and how they excelled (“vase of flowers”).

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This is where we see the main advantage of the analytic rubric: It is also good for the teacher, because it gives her the ability to justify a score on paper, without having to explain everything in a later conversation.

Analytic rubrics have two significant disadvantages, however: (1) .

Still, analytic rubrics are useful when you want to cover all your bases, and you’re willing to put in the time to really get clear on exactly what every level of performance looks like.

[To download a free template for an analytic rubric, click ; it does not attempt to list all the ways a student could fall short, nor does it specify how a student could exceed expectations.

“If the highest level is already prescribed then creativity may be limited to that pre-determined level,” says Fluckiger.

“Students may surprise us if we leave quality open-ended.” The main disadvantage of single-point rubrics is that using them requires more writing on the teacher’s part. For each one, we’ll look at an example, explore its pros and cons, and provide a blank template you can use to create your own. The levels can be labeled with numbers (such as 1 through 4), letters (such as A through F) or words (such as ). It lists three to five levels of performance, along with a broad description of the characteristics that define each level.Try harder next time.” The main advantage of a holistic rubric is that — in the short run, anyway.Creating a holistic rubric takes less time than the others, and grading with one is faster, too.Because I can’t find the right language to highlight, I find myself hand-writing justifications for a score in whatever space I can find. With a single-point rubric, there’s no attempt to predict all the ways a student might go wrong.Similarly, the undefined “Advanced” column places no limits on how students might stretch themselves.And once all that work is done, (2) Facing a 36-cell table crammed with 8-point font is enough to send most students straight into a nap.And that means they won’t clearly understand what’s expected of them.You see them in standardized testing — the essay portion of the SAT is scored with a 0-6 holistic rubric.When hundreds of thousands of essays have to be graded quickly, and by total strangers who have no time to provide feedback, a holistic rubric comes in handy.


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