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A product considered to be the first of its type; preceding all others.

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In this way an artists proof is made so that it can serve as the model for an edition of multiple originals. The artist must intend for the work to be a novel and personally expressive statement in a particular media (or combination thereof) and have direct involvement in the manipulation of the media and responsibility for the resultant art product.

Even so, in my experience of over twenty years of teaching and more than thirty years of being involved in art schools, I have found that there is (practically) no definition of any art term that will be unilaterally agreeable to all parties. And how does one keep track of what is done along the path of making such art?

The proof of the success of any particular method is in the quality of the final print. something from which anything arises or is derived; source; fountainhead: to follow a stream to its origin. rise or derivation from a particular source: the origin of a word. the first stage of existence; beginning: the origin of Quakerism in America. ancestry, parentage, extraction: to be of Scottish origin.

Here we seem to have support for a continually evolving field of art production called printmaking that encompasses the new while cherishing the older ways of working. The same unabridged dictionary lists the term original as an adjective and lists twelve levels of meaning currently considered to be in use. belonging or pertaining to the origin or beginning of something, or to a thing at its beginning: the book still has its original binding. New; fresh; inventive; novel: an original way of advertising. arising or proceeding independently of anything else: an original view of history. capable of or given to thinking or acting in an independent, creative, or individual manner: an original thinker.

This basic literature was developed for sharing with interested avocation adult artists or introductory college level students prior to the development of digital printmaking.

In order to begin in a clearly understood place let me share the definition of the term print as it is offered by Meilach when she writes that, ...

In the end a comparison is made with digital printmaking, which I will operationally define as the making of prints through the interface of a digital computer and a peripheral device that outputs an image.

This two-part question has probably been asked of or discussed by nearly everyone who is currently involved in the making of fine art prints.

Again, let me return to the print making text from nearly 40 years ago and then invoke historical evidence here.

The proof of the success of any particular method is in the quality of the final print.


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