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Her body was finally buried at her family's home, Althorp, beneath a small island in the middle of an ornamental lake.Prince William and Prince Harry outside Westminster Abbey.Buckingham Palace had a week to organize what would become one of the most televised funerals in recent history: Princess Diana's funeral. 6, 1997, hundreds of thousands of mourners poured onto the streets of London to wave their final goodbye at Princess Diana's coffin.

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This simple yet powerful gesture challenged the notion that the virus could pass from person to person just by touch. Former HIV/Aids Ward Nurse John O'Reilly told the , "If a royal is allowed to go and shake a patients hand, somebody at the bus stop or in the supermarket could do the same.

That really educated people." Diana had always been different from the rest of the royal family, which was in a large part of her appeal.

For one, she picked out her 12-carat sapphire engagement ring from a catalog, despite the long-standing tradition of royals having their engagement rings custom-made.

Then, she refused to include the promise to "obey" her future husband during her wedding vows when. Paul's Cathedral, also broke with custom, as royals before had wed at Westminster Abbey.

This was a bold statement that Lady Di wasn't going to let her life or the lives of her sons be changed because of their royal status.

It was this rebellious nature that made her so loveable and led to nearly 2 billion people later tuning in to watch Princess Diana’s funeral.She stated openly her desire to be part of a monarchy that had more contact with its people.In a now infamous interview with 's Martin Bashir, Diana said that she didn't think she could ever become Queen because she had lost the favor of the royal family.But the seemingly sheepish girl was more than just a pretty face.Diana was determined to forge her own path from the start.Lady Di's brother was disturbed that the palace had the young sons walk so closely behind her casket.There was much controversy between the Spencer family and the Crown around the funeral. 31, 1997, the world was shocked by the news of Princess Diana's untimely death in a car crash in Paris, France.She was especially keen on keeping as much normalcy as possible for her children.When it came time for her first born, William, to attend school, she had him attend public school.The whole situation had the public in a panic since many who contracted the virus were dying, especially among the gay community, which further stigmatized those patients and that community.By then, Princess Diana had garnered a glowing reputation for her philanthropy.


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