Pride And Prejudice And Letters To Alice Comparative Essay

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Nevertheless, via analogy, Weldon comments upon the trivialisation of marriage as the stuff of womens magazines in Alices post-modern context.

Illustrating the constraints of primogeniture and conditions under which women lived with factual detail that only 30%...married, the persona of Aunt Fay seeks to revise the responders understanding of Mrs Bennetts anxiety for her five unmarried daughters.

Below, I have included an example of one such question and introduction for the texts Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Letters to Alice by Fay Weldon: Texts read independently are interesting, nevertheless, when comparatively studied, Jane Austens 1813 regency social satire Pride and Prejudice and Fay Weldons 1984 postmodern epistolary work Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen, become illuminating and dynamic.

Weldons assertion that writers create houses of Imagination, from which whose doors generations greet each otherby such discussionwe understand ourselvesour pasts and our futures encapsulates the notion that interpretation of texts is not static. G Myers, which plurality of meaning, both works engage with dominant and emerging discourses in their respective contexts.

To write a successful Mod A, essay you will have to show your marker that you are able to analyse nuanced interplay between the context of a text and the values that its author or characters engage with.

Pride And Prejudice And Letters To Alice Comparative Essay

In addition, you will have to make comparisons between two different texts by extrapolating points of similarity and difference.

In order to receive top marks, you should keep in mind the value of a comparative study.

Ask yourself, how can studying one particular text enrich your understanding of the context and values of another (and vice versa)?

Reflecting the concerns of contemporary thinker Mary Wollstonecraft, who warned that women taught to please will soon find that (their) charms are oblique sunbeams, Austen further characterises marriages such as that of Mr and Mrs Bennett or Lydia and Mr Wickham, in which participants are not mutually attuned, as unfavourable.

Through use of balanced sentences, Austen places emphasis upon the moral, epistemological journey of both Elizabeth and Mr Darcy, who emphatically states (Elizabeth) shewed me how insufficient were all my pretensions to please a woman worthy of being pleased.


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