Pricing Strategy Case Study

For example, a classic SWOT analysis might entail benchmarking Delta Airlines with the airline industry as a whole; an extension could entail benchmarking the entire airline industry against the broad transportation sector.You should be very familiar with the well-known frameworks already discussed in this chapter, although it is unlikely that an interviewer would ask you to use a particular framework in your analysis.

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However an interviewer could potentially ask you for a SWOT analysis, and you should be prepared to apply it in that case.

SWOT is effectively a quick, high-level market landscape/competitive dynamics analysis arranged using the following terminology: to other, related industries or sub-industries within the economy.

For example, a Company bringing a new product to market would require a market size analysis, competitor analysis, as well as understanding the key customer segments.

The more you practice, the easier the cases will become and the more articulate and structured you’ll be in your answers.

It does not hurt, however, to be familiar with them.

Therefore, we include these example frameworks for your reference and encourage you to at least familiarize yourself with the basics of them: There are additional, relatively simple analytical techniques that you should be prepared for in Consulting Case Study interviews.

Unrivaled selection: Amazon often has the largest selection of goods in a particular category, especially books (outside S/H marketplaces like Abebooks.) 3. Many developments, controversies and setbacks attended Amazon's eventual success: 1.

Convenience: Amazon focus on the customer and try make purchasing an enjoyable experience, offering: a. Amazon aimed for market share and did not make a profit till 2001. Amazon has faced lawsuits over exclusivity of contracts (Toys'R'Us: 2004-) and size claims (Barnes and Noble: 1997). Amazon's auction site, founded in 1997, proved unsuccessful, but its technology was later incorporated into Amazon Marketplace.4.

Instead, it is typically expected that you draw on the concepts encompassed by these frameworks and/or the concepts that we will outline in the next chapter, which breaks down the common Case Study interview question types.

In addition to these frameworks, there are a number of other frameworks that you will read about on certain Consulting firm sites, but you will probably not be expected to know them in detail or apply them specifically in an interview.


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