Pre Kindergarten Homework

Pre Kindergarten Homework-20
I had my aide stuff the binders each day that they needed to have something go home, because I didn’t want to bother teaching the kids to stuff them.That was probably a “Lazy Heidi” mistake- they should learn to do it themselves- but I just didn’t want to take the time.) I think that the kids whose parents really didn’t know how to work with them really benefited from this the most- if they actually did it!

The best part was that I got back the unused binders, and regained some of the money that I invested in the binders.

I use , and they held up for the great majority of the kids the whole year.

I usually have to ask a parent to replace maybe one a year, usually because the child has been too rough on it and the rings got too bent to close. When it didn’t show up after about a week and a half, I called.

It eventually was returned, having been left in a non-custodial parents’ car.

Although, in the past, I know that I have given some of these things to children, only to have their parents remove them and take them for themselves!

One little boy told me that his dad needed the scissors at work so he took them.I put all of the prepared contents into their child’s new binder, and then saved the other one for a potential new student.Most of the other parents did give me the money, but if they didn’t, I just let it go.I had the kids turn in their binders every day to me, into designated bus tubs.It was easiest for me to manage this way, rather than have them turn it in some days but not others. I also find that the easiest way to get them to put them away is to have them put EVERYTHING away BEFORE they begin playtime, near the end of the day.I assume that many of them may have thrown it away!So I asked the parents to either provide their own binder or buy the one that I gave their child. About six or seven parents chose to buy their child a new binder, and gave me back the one I purchased.They held up better, but don’t seem to hold as much and are usually shorter than the paper ones, so they don’t hold construction paper projects as well.The plastic ones are usually not as stiff, and are therefore harder to stuff with papers.* A plastic binder divider page with a pocket for their most important papers.I print a sticker that says, “Overnight Express” and the parents are told at the beginning of the year that anything that comes home in that pocket should be signed and returned the next day in that pocket.


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