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Sometimes I was viewed as beautiful and sometimes I wasn’t.

For a long time, my self-esteem rose and fell with those opinions.” “Although the MBTI framework isn’t completely infallible — some contest its usefulness (or misuse it) — I’ve seen the patterns play out in real life and have learned to appreciate personality differences in a new way as a result.

She asked if there was anything in particular that buzzed in the periphery of my thoughts as I went about my day, or inspired me to open multiple tabs to browse on my computer.” “I’ve never made a career blunder dastardly enough to get me fired, but I’ve made plenty of small ones I subsequently mulled over for weeks on end, like Everlasting Gobstoppers that never failed to run out of stress juice.” “From what I understand, when the majority of pregnant women nest, they are inclined to clean maniacally — to set up for the imminent new life slated to enter their homes, and to do it quickly.

My experience with nesting, however, has felt more metaphoric.After ASMR videos, Man Repeller is my favorite place to go to have my brain massaged.I’m probably biased because I watched many of the below pieces transform from fledgling comments into things far more expansive, but there’s no place I’ve sought emotional refuge more this year than in the wise words of the MR staff and freelance writers. You do not owe anyone your most ‘attractive’ self if you’d rather just exist.But high school and college students are assigned complex topics.They are rarely free to choose their own idea, so it makes the situation even more complicated.Find all five essays free online at the links below. And find some of Orwell's greatest works in our collection of Free e Books. Every time I've taught George Orwell’s famous 1946 essay on misleading, smudgy writing, “Politics and the English Language," to a group of undergraduates, we've delighted in pointing out the number of times Orwell violates his own rules—indulges some form of vague, “pretentious” diction, slips into unnecessary passive voice, etc. The piece clearly names the abuses of the imperial British occupiers of India, even as it struggles against the canonization of Gandhi the man, concluding equivocally that “his character was extraordinarily a mixed one, but there was almost nothing in it that you can put your finger on and call bad.” Orwell is less ambivalent in Hiltzak’s third choice, the spiky 1946 defense of English comic writer P. Wodehouse, whose behavior after his capture during the Second World War understandably baffled and incensed the British public. It’s a petty exercise, and Orwell himself provides an escape clause for his list of rules for writing clear English: “Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.” But it has made us all feel slightly better for having our writing crutches pushed out from under us. The last two essays on the list, “You and the Atomic Bomb” from 1945 and the early “A Hanging," published in 1931, round out Orwell's pre- and post-war writing as a polemicist and clear-sighted political writer of conviction. Do you find yourself teetering back and forth between in love with BABYZEN — the bubble of maternity leave — and so ready to move on from it? It seemed so inauthentic, an attempt to belong in a way that just came off as awkward.” “The fear of friendlessness is deep-seated, codified into our malleable brains at too vulnerable an age to be easily dismantled.I feel fairly certain this is true, and yet, like the human-shaped pile of contradictions that I am, I still manage to believe everyone’s fine and definitely hanging out without me.” “She asked me what I thought about when I was bored and my mind was free to roam around and noodle whatever it wanted to noodle.


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