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The American President - a movie review The American President is a romantic comedy that takes place in the White House during primary season.The president is hoping to be reelected and to pass two bills, one on gun control and one on fuel restrictions.

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Although, in this situation it was not exactly the media that attacked the president, it actually was the person running against the president, Donald Rumsfeld. ..an optimistic light on the political process, this is because it portrays the message that a process that is made of good people must be just, and must prevail.

Donald Rumsfeld denounced the president, and Sydney ... Although this view isn't altogether correct, it sure does make the audience feel good.

The film builds its case piece by shattering piece, inspiring levels of shock and outrage that stun the viewer, leaving one shaken and disturbed before closing out on a visual note of hope designed to keep us on the hook as advocates for change.

“13th” begins with an alarming statistic: One out of four African-American males will serve prison time at one point or another in their lives.

Their primary source of income, slaves, were no longer obligated to line Southerners’ pockets with their blood, sweat and tears. “Except as punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted” reads the loophole in the law.

In the first iteration of a “Southern strategy,” hundreds of newly emancipated slaves were re-enlisted into free, legal servitude courtesy of minor or trumped-up charges.Profit becomes the major by-product of this cycle, with an organization called ALEC providing a scary, sinister influence on building laws that make its corporate members richer.Several times throughout “13th” there is a shock cut to the word CRIMINAL, which stands alone against a black background and is centered on the huge movie screen. Griffith’s “The Birth of a Nation”, Du Vernay traces the myth of the scary Black felon with supernatural levels of strength and deviant sexual potency, a myth designed to terrify the majority into believing that only White people were truly human and deserving of proper treatment.Each interviewee is shot in a location that evokes an industrial setting, which visually supports the theme of prison as a factory churning out the free labor that the 13th Amendment supposedly dismantled when it abolished slavery.We’re told that, after the Civil War, the economy of the former Confederate States of America was decimated.It serves as a reminder that far too often, people of color are seen as simply that, regardless of who they are. This dehumanization allowed for the acceptance of laws and ideas that had more than a hint of bias. cocaine possession and plea bargains accepted by innocent people too terrified to go to trial.We also learn that a troubling percentage of people remain in jail because they’re too poor to post their own bail.Our journey begins from there, with a slew of familiar and occasionally surprising talking heads filling the frame and providing information.Du Vernay not only interviews liberal scholars and activists for the cause like Angela Davis, Henry Louis Gates and Van Jones, she also devotes screen time to conservatives such as Newt Gingrich and Grover Norquist.This movie also shows the relationship between the executive branch and the legislative branch while detailing the relationship the president has with interest groups, and his White House staff.While covering all this the movie The American President shines a positive light on politicians, this movie showed politicians having a genuine concern in human life and truly wanting to improve life.


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