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(Mark 66) These final year projects achieved a mark of a high first: Electric Cars: Investigation into consumer attitudes in the UK car industry Exploring Social Perceptions of Women Leaders at Work: How does the Double Bind of Appearance and Personality Impact Women’s Opportunities to make it to the Top?

Studying the relationship between online behaviour and learning preferences, using the Internet Addiction Test and the Index of Learning Styles Dressed to Disrupt: Motivations Behind Millennial Women Consuming Feminist Fashion Is thin no longer ‘in’?

Radicalisation and Universities: A Critical Analysis of the Effectiveness and Consequences of Prevent Duty Evaluating the range of agencies involved in the investigation and prosecution of corporate fraud in the UK: is there an alternative to criminal justice?

A critical analysis of the perceptions of, and responses to, female child sex offenders Quantum effects in biology Melting point of a PVd F polymer gel electrolyte with changing PC: EC ratio Herbig Ae/Be star accretion rates and the Hertzsprung Russell diagram Raman spectroscopy and its reliability in the study of bone quality and composition Solitons: Propagation of solitary waves through blood Antoinette's construction of the Self in Wide Sargasso Sea Culture Shock: Reexamining the Concept and the W-curve Model of the Adaptation Process through Sojourner Experiences of International Students Us and Them: Exploring Internationalisation and International Postgraduate Student Identity at the University of Leeds An Investigation into Language and Cultural Planning in the Basque Country La Vida Cotidiana del Migrante Ecuatoriano: A glimpse into the lives of Ecuadorian immigrants in Spain and the United States Für immer fremd German Television Advertisements and the "normalization of ethnicity" Cultural Variations of Democracy: ' Thai-Style Democracy' The extent to which Japanese soft power is effective in Japan-China relations.

It should stress on significance of the European dimensions in the policy-making of the present times.

The analysis should be done at various tiers of the government and should comparative in tone and context.Such a dissertation should also help the readers with a thorough insight into Europeanization and how it had a profound impact on the functions of the European Public Policy.Debate has been going on in the Doha Development Agenda (DDA) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding the possible risks and a series of consequences that could arise from the liberalization of future trade.You may be able to identify areas for improvement (for example, structure, content, clarity, standard of written English, referencing or presentation quality).The design of a FMCW microwave radar range detector Fabrication and measurement of two dimensional electron gas and one dimensional electron gas samples Guide to using the sample dissertations The Potential Effects of Reduced Street Lighting on Crime: an Empirical Study of the ' Selective Part-Night Street Lighting' Scheme in Leeds To what extent is terrorism a social construct?Therefore, risk assessments become more relevant and help to understand and implement organizational decision making through perceived financial performance and environmental risks.A dissertation on this topic should unfailingly include a thorough analysis of the European Public Policy, especially in the European context.Trade reforms have been implemented on the basis of social issues governing poverty, economic growth, welfare of society and development.The majority of the world's population's livelihood has been agriculture and this urges the DDA to focus more on alleviating poverty and raising the standards of living in this sector.As Political Science is a challenging subject, coming up with an impressive dissertation is even more demanding.Given below are few Political Science dissertation topics that can help you make a mark: In 1944, the International community for labour standards located in Philadelphia declared that it is concerned with the growth and development of people as human beings and that "Labour is not regarded as a commodity".


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