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Bullying can occur among individuals of any weight and at any age.

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Greens senator Scott Ludlam won a mighty cheer when he called on people to make a noise to drown out the "six, angry, pointless men" in the far right counter demonstration.

"I'm a little bit pissed off that we even have to turn up to explain the concept of Safe Schools," he told the rally.

The Turnbull government is attempting to inflict devastating attacks on Safe Schools by restricting its activities and threatening to cut its funding.

The rally (like the previous one) was a wonderful opportunity for young LGBTI people to explain why the Safe Schools program means so much to them.

Deleting harassing or inappropriate messages, texts and pictures are extremely difficult after they have been posted or sent.

This problem is growing, according the 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey found that 16% of high school students (grades 9-12) were victims electronically bullying in the past year [1].According to—they define cyberbullying as bullying that takes place using electronic technology, such as cell phones, computers, tablets as well as communication on social media sites, pictures, videos, websites and fake profiles.The issues with cyberbullying are that in addition to bullying taking place 24/7, the messages can be posted anonymously and distributed quickly to a very wide audience.Save Safe Schools WA organised a protest in Perth on April 23.The Safe Schools program is an important anti-bullying program that began in 2010 in Victoria and has since been extended throughout the country.National surveys have found among overweight middle-school aged children that 30 percent of girls and 24 percent of boys experienced daily bullying, teasing, and/or rejection because of their size.These numbers doubled for overweight high school students, with 63 percent of girls and 58 percent of boys experiencing some form of bullying due to their weight and size [2]."To all the parents who have queer kids, there is nothing wrong with your children.We should all be free to go to school and get an education without constant fear of harassment and that goes for the teachers too who work in schools and should be able to teach in freedom." This rally was complicated, however, by a counter protest by far right Reclaim Australia.Most patients describe being bullied face to face but more and more are describing cyber bullying.When anyone is a victim of weight or looks teasing, developing a negative body image will often develop. Post-traumatic stress disorder is typically diagnosed in patients who have been bullied.


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