Phd Thesis On Water Resources

Phd Thesis On Water Resources-69
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1.2.2..2 Anticipating climate change adaptation: scale effects of water storage on governance 1.2.3 Water, environment and spatial planning 1.2.4 Practice emerges at the social-technical interface 2.1 Improving the effectiveness of water organisations 2.1.1 Water operator partnerships 2.1.2 Performance of water and wastewater utilities 2.1.3 Benchmarking water and wastewater utilities 2.1.4 Performance of river basin organisations 2.1.5 Private sector investments in infrastructure for urban water and sanitation 2.2 Economic and financial analyses of water systems 2.2.1 Hydropower vs.

environment: Power2Flow Zambezi project 2.2.2 Smallholder irrigation vs.

The Swedish university degree licentiate is more advanced than Master's, but below Ph.

She is involved in socio-hydrology, a field that aims to explore the coupled dynamics between humans and water.

Ongoing work has been exploring how participation can be evaluated in terms of its achievements and impacts on resource management.

Gemma’s current research interests are focussed around public and stakeholder participation in water resource management.

She has a broad background and obtained a bachelors degree with honours in Geology and Physical Geography from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland in 2002.

In 2004 she completed a Master of Science in Development and Environment at Royal Holloway, University of London, UK.

Being part of the Doctoral Programme also gives her the opportunity to explore how interdisciplinary education and research develops and can be supported.

Key Facts Gemma took on the role of coordinator of the Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems in 2009.


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