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The intraday and interday precision values were Fast dissolving oral drug delivery system is solid dosage form which disintegrates or dissolves within second when placed in the mouth without need of water or chewing.In present investigation, an attempt has been made to develop oral fast dissolving film of calcium channel blocker lacidipine.

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The journal is devoted to the promotion of Pharmaceutical sciences and related disciplines (including Pharmacy, medical, Biotech, Botany, organic and medicinal chemistry, Nursing, Paramedical, prescription etc fields). Mukherjee Asian University , Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Indian College of Science, Pune – 411038, Maharastra, India.

Background: Fitness to practise (Ft P) impairment (failure of a healthcare professional to demonstrate skills, knowledge, character and/or health required for their job) can compromise patient safety, the profession’s reputation, and an individual’s career.

In the United Kingdom (UK), various healthcare professionals’ Ft P cases (documents about the panel hearing(s) and outcome(s) relating to the alleged Ft P impairment) are publicly available, yet reviewing these to learn lessons may be time-consuming given the number of cases across the professions and amount of text in each.

Detection was carried out at 267 nm with photodiode array detector and IM eluted at 5.02 min (retention time) with no interfering peak of excipients used for the preparation of dosage form.

The method was linear over the range from 0.3 to 9 μg/m L (R2 = 0.999).

The purpose of this review is to focus on various methods of preparation, characterization properties, and applications of nanosuspension.

Pharmacy practice-based research networks (PBRNs) are relatively new compared to their primary care forebears, representing a unique set of research challenges.

The optimized formula F1 showed minimum in vitro disintegration time of 25 second and highest dissolution rate 97.3% in 10 minutes with good mechanical properties.

Based on overall results, the conclusion that lacidipine was successfully prepared as oral fast dissolving film with accepted properties.


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