Persuasive Essay On Plastic Bags

As an ecologist who has travelled through 1st and 3rd world countries, I have seen the damage that plastic and its by-products are doing to our earth, and the imbalance our dependence on this product ics creating in the environment.

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Plastic bags choke landfills and can take 400-1,000 years to breakdown. This is an appropriate response to the set question which develops a detailed line of argument relating to the pros and cons of plastic bags.

The littering of plastic bags also stops rain water from penetrating into the soil which results in less rains and low water levels. Conclusion Instead of throwing away plastic bags, reuse them at home. Numerous examples are used throughout in order to better substantiate the candidate's claims. Read full review This is an appropriate response to the set question which develops a detailed line of argument relating to the pros and cons of plastic bags.

This is why we must urge industries all over the world to find alternatives to plastic when manufacturing their products, in order to reduce the usage of toxic petrochemicals, decrease the size of our landfills, and lessen the threat to our wildlife.

It may be a shock to some, but plastic in all of its forms is made from the same base ingredient – oil.

Oils are rcefined, mixed with poisonous chemicals and cooked at high temperatures in order to produce items such as plastic bags, computer casings, automobile dashboards and cooking utensils.

Such a process produces toxic by-products and greenhouse gasses, which in turn reduces our air quality and can degrade soil and waterways.In similar studies conducted worldwide, the results were the same – Industries that produce ecologically sound alternatives produced emissions far less than those who manufacture plastic products.It is clear to see that these plastic alternatives are having less of an impact on our world, and we should continue to encourage manufacturers to seek economically feasible way to convert to their use.Plastics of any kind make our lives easier, and seemingly better.However, our love affair with plastic is not sustainable.However, the candidate is penalised for using exclamatory statements excessively, which impedes upon what is otherwise a finely polished essay.In paragraph eleven alone, we observe five instances of this, which then renders the device obselete - save exclamation marks for genuinely shocking statements.The size of our landfills are always a concern, and knowing that many of the products that we dump in them are not biodegradable or recyclable is even more cause for alarm.Plastic is one of these products, which can take more than 1000 years to degrade and can only be recycled bcy a lengthy, expensive process.In a study conducted by United States Environmental Board, the production of plastic in the United States releases 500 million tons of greenhouse gasses annually.When compared to the production of environmentally sustainable alternatives, such as metals, wood, concrete, paper and glass, emissions were much lower, releasing only five million tons of greenhouse gasses during the same time period.


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