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Once again, the more concrete you can be regarding your positive self-image, the more likely the reader is to accept what you say about yourself as more than mere rhetoric.

The Body of the Personal Statement, Part 3: The Future In a paragraph or two, present a positive forecast of your future developement in relation to the specific career or profession you wish to pursue.

However this site helped to give me some food for thought and thanks to you I am in my final stages of completing it.

This outline is meant to be a guide to writing a personal statement.

How do you see yourself evolving in the next several years?

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The Concluding Paragraph After forecasting your future, you may be tempted to end your personal statement on that visionary note.But a brief conclusion will help by summarizing, for the reader’s benefit, your past accomplishments, your present sense of identity, and your future goals.Try to make your last sentence a real clincher so that the reader has a vivid impression of you.The Most Important Step Now that you have written the first draft of your personal statement, prune it mercilessly so that only the most essential points remain.Edit your work thoroughly, as well, to make your sentences more concise and declarative.I've just been through all the comments deleating all the inappropriate ones.Sorry it's taken suuch a long time, and if you've had a nasty comment on your ps for a while.Accountancy (46)Actuarial Science (12)American Studies (5)Anthropology (23)Archaeology (19)Architecture (33)Art and Design (47)Biochemistry (16)Bioengineering (3)Biology (78)Biomedical Science (55)Biotechnology (6)Business and Management (80)Business (110)Catering and Food (4)Chemistry (31)Classics (7)Computer Science (93)Computing and IT (119)Criminology (35)Dance (1)Dentistry (13)Design (23)Dietetics (2)Drama (19)Economics (140)Education (33)Engineering (170)English (144)Environment (9)Environmental Science (12)Event Management (4)Fashion (16)Film (22)Finance (56)Forensic Science (9)Gap Year (3)Geography (55)Geology (10)Health Sciences (20)History of Art (4)History (128)Hotel Management (6)International Relations (87)International Student (16)International Studies (9)Islamic Studies (4)Japanese Studies (6)Journalism (14)Land Economy (1)Languages (84)Law (153)Linguistics (17)Management (44)Marketing (21)Mathematics (91)Mature Student (13)Media (42)Medicine (98)Midwifery (8)Music (24)Music Technology (7)Natural Sciences (14)Neuroscience (9)Nursing (28)Occupational Therapy (8)Osteopathy (1)PGCE (4)Pharmacy (19)Philosophy (81)Photography (8)Physics (48)Physiology (3)Physiotherapy (5)Politics (183)Postgraduate Persona (17)Psychology (142)Radiography (5)Religious Studies (3)Social Work (24)Sociology (65)Sports & Leisure (13)Sports Science (13)Surveying (1)Theology (8)Travel and Tourism (3)Urban Planning (3)Veterinary Science (5)Zoology (6)No medicine statements yet I'm afraid, medics seem strangely reluctant to release them, though I will try and get hold of some over the summer.In the meantime look at the personal statement forum on Medschoolguide.I'll be regularly checking comments from now on so [b]dont post inappropriate or unconstructive comments![/b] I am very impressed that you have made a site which offers students free sample personal statements, as I found myself lost for words when trying to sell myself to the universities of my choice.


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