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If they are resolute about the child not having any then, regardless of how tired they are, they should not give in. There are levels of problems and you have to determine which ones require energy and which ones can be forgotten.Take a look at some of the battles you have engaged in your life.A common theme will be that the problem likely passed and that some sort of solution was employed.

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Problem-solving can be a complex process with many steps.

For example: if you are trying to solve a dilemma related to credit card debt, the chances are that you will have to take multiple actions to achieve your goal.

Because there have been times that you have likely faced the same issue before, consider all of the various elements of your life experiences that can help you come to a solution.

Take some time to sift through memories, events, learning, and other resources of information that you have accumulated to drive the problem-solving process.

Build on your successful efforts and eliminate the ones that didn’t work.

When a problem pops up, you might say to yourself, “If you have ever made a decision based on your emotional reaction, you are likely to have some advice for others about distancing yourself from the problem in order to make a good choice.It is also likely that you have encountered some issues with finance before and have attempted some changes.Instead of disregarding all of your efforts, examine which parts of your strategy worked and which didn’t.Even though you may have not liked the outcome, the experience from it will provide some insight about things to do or NOT to do in the future.If you can identify some problem-solving strategies that didn’t work in the past, then you can eliminate them from your list of choices.For example: as a mental health counselor, I often have intuitions about underlying problems that my clients may be facing – even BEFORE they tell me about them.That intuition is based on years of experience and typically turns out to be accurate.Keep trying and the problem will eventually be solved.Not every problem has to be tackled immediately or at all., talked about the notion of trained intuition, or expert intuition.According to Gladwell, intuition that is based on life experience or training can be an excellent source for decision-making and problem-solving.


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