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As an only child, your parents don’t ask who broke something valuable. In my last article, number 8 of the Advantages list was, “The whole world will revolve around you. .” After you are dropped off at college, your mom will be balling her eyes out. Summary Introduction Personal Statement As humans, the older people become, and the more experiences people go through, they tend to overall find a sense of comfort in their lifestyle.

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The researcher is an African Nearly all the children around me had either an older or younger siblings except for this one friend of mine who was different from me. Initially, this made me wonder if Africans were having more children than Black Americans because it was very rare for me to have even a cousin who did not have siblings. Was it because we had established stronger kins than Black Americans?

She lived not too far from me and we attended the same school. She was filled the gap of a would-be sibling for me and I am sure that I did the same for her.

I begged my dad to take off the training wheels, that day came a few months later.

Once the training wheels were off, I spent only an hour or two learning how to ride a two-wheeler. I could finally keep up with my sisters, but I could not resist gloating.

Even though it is great to have personal space and time to oneself, an only child will never feel as though they will ALWAYS have someone their own age to talk to. No other kids to keep at home, and no others to send away.

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Sometimes kids get away with it, other times they don’t. Even though it is great being an only child, I wish I could have had a brother or sister. When I see my friends with their sister or brothers, I understand that what they have is quite special.It had taken my dad an entire day to teach my sisters and me, their younger brother, only a few hours!Thus, the competition between my sisters and I began.On the other hand, an only child could be more selfish and unprepared to live in society.In other words, making real friends may be challenging for him because of egocentrism.For people who decided to have only one child life seems to be easier but what about this newborn?One for the main arguments being an only child is that parents pay all their attention to single baby.Often times, with that comfort in place, people see no reason to think about how different their lives may have been had it not been for certain events.For instance, take a second to think about your life now and imagine how differently it would have been if you have eradicated or altered something else.The sense of competition that I feel is why it has been so hard being the youngest child.My sisters have done so many things in their 18 years on the planet, and I feel as if I have to match, if not beat them.


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