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What have you learned from your experiences and what insights have you gained? Are your statements all logical, or are they confusing?

Strolling down busy, student-filled Rue Mouffetard, I was surprised to turn around and see my friend’s swollen eye as he ran off; he had been punched in the face.

For that reason, it should be concise and, of course, free of any grammatical or spelling errors; use the format to help make your best possible first impression.

In , Veritas Prep discusses the do’s and don’ts of personal statements for aspiring doctors: • DO make sure your statement addresses two things: your reason(s) for wanting to pursue medicine, and your appeal as a candidate to medical schools. Many statements only answer one of them (usually the first one).

“This advice is antiquated and dates back to the days of the written application when admissions committees flipped through pages,” Dr. • My personal statement should not describe patient encounters or my personal medical experiences. Freedman says powerful personal statements “often include information about clinical encounters – both personal and professional.

Write about whichever experiences were the most important on your path to medicine.” Dr.You want your reader to draw the conclusion – on their own – that you have the qualities and characteristics the medical school seeks.” Kaplan offers a Medical School Personal Statement Preparation Review for 9 (tb=faqs) good for 90 days, allowing you to submit samples for review by medical school admissions professionals.• DON’T choose a subject matter simply because you think it will impress. In addition, this is the time to review certain aspects of your life, including your experiences (school or non-school related), motivations, and personal qualities.Avoid such clichés as: “I want to help people,” “I want to make a difference,” etc. • DON’T rehash your résumé or other parts of your application in your essay.There are several ways to prepare, but keep in mind that just having friends or family proofread your personal statement for typos is not enough.Like any other skill or craft, writing requires practice and lots of rewrites/drafts—and personal statements are no exception—so the sooner you get started, the better.As president of Hillel and a member of UConn Interfaith, I have seen many instances of religious discrimination and abuse.With a minor in religion, I have also learned about the tenets of various religious beliefs and attended religious celebrations like Diwali and Nourouz.Many experts on medical school personal statements say prospective students have the misconception that they must “sell themselves,” but keep in mind one of the fundamental rules of writing, “Show me; don’t tell me.” As Jessica Freedman, MD says in an article about personal statements on Kevin ( “You never want to boast in your personal statement.Let your experiences, insights, and observations speak for themselves.


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