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To delete existing terms Go to End Note Desktop: Preview the style To check that the abbreviation is working go to End Note Desktop.

Choose the style you have edited from the style menu.

Select a record in your Library and select Preview in the Reference panel on right of screen.

Below is a reference in IEEE style with the journal title abbreviated.

Note: End Note is not a substitute for knowing how to construct the reference style you are required to use for your courses or publications.

For more information on reference styles, see Referencing guides For more information, visit Click on the Update Citations and Bibliography feature in Word to generate a list of all the references you have used in a Word document.The references from your Word document will be grouped together in your End Note Desktop a way of giving credit to individuals for their creative and intellectual works that you used to support your research.Citations can also be used to help locate particular sources and combat plagiarism.You can go through the references to check that the information in each one is complete and edit if necessary.Note that this list will disappear when you close your Library. Before you upload the Journal Terms List, you must delete any existing journal terms in your Terms List folder.These have been generated by existing references in your library but might not be correct.Citations typically include information like the author's name, date, title, journal title, or DOI (Digital Object Identifier).dictate the information required for a citation and how it should be ordered.


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